Welcome to Keep Roaming On!


My name is Lily and I am a 30-something teacher living and working in Hong Kong alongside my husband, Jonathan.

Five years ago Jonathan and I started our love affair with travel and living abroad when we moved to South Korea to teach English. Our experiences there and the opportunities we’ve had since then have shaped our lives profoundly. After three years back in the US, we’ve found ourselves back in Asia, excited to see where the next journey takes us. I want to share with you the experiences we’re having now as expats, as well as some of the adventures we’ve had in other places along the way.

Keep Roaming On is a place for you to feed your wanderlust, be part of our story, share your own, and hopefully find some helpful information along the way. Subscribe to the email list below so you don’t miss anything on the website and don’t forget to follow Keep Roaming On on Instagram and Twitter!



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